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Citgo at a Crossroad: Venezuela’s Oil Socialism Comes to Roost


Last October, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro accused the US of allegedly judicially “kidnapping” Citgo Petroleum, the country’s foremost overseas asset.1 The president’s comments referred to an ongoing court-mandated auction by a federal district judge in Delaware, who ruled that Citgo could be seized to satisfy international arbitration awards against the country. While Maduro may wish […]

Environment and Energy

Women and AI: Overcoming Potential Bias and Optimizing the Best of Both Worlds


Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are prevalent in everyday life whether its users are aware of it or not.1 From facial ID recognition on mobile phones to e-mail spell checks, voice assistants, to GPS navigation systems — these are a small snapshot of AI’s efficiency in everyday life.2, 3 At one of the leading global technology […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Interview with Former Prime Minister of Jordan Omar Razzaz: Jordan’s Future


On March 27, 2024, HKS Student Policy Review Senior Editor Ala’a Kolkaila spoke with Omar Razzaz. The coversation focused on a range of topics affecting Jordan and the region. Omar Razzaz was the Prime Minister of Jordan from 2018 to 2020. Born in Al-Salt, Razzaz began his schooling in Amman, later continuing his studies abroad. […]

Development and Economic Growth

Interview with Karen Donfried: Russia-Ukraine War


On April 12, 2024, HKS Student Policy Review Senior Editor John McQuillan spoke with Karen Donfried. The coversation focused on a range of topics related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Dr. Karen Donfried recently stepped down as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. In that role, she served as Secretary of State […]

International Relations and Security

How Can Nigeria Divert Remittance Flows to Formal Channels?


Remittances play an instrumental role in Nigeria’s economy, yet, an estimated 50% of remittances are channeled through informal networks. Newly proposed strategies can enhance Nigeria’s remittance flows through formal channels.

Business and Regulation

The Volunteer Sector’s Looming Crisis


Governments need to get creative and make it easier for people to volunteer, as volunteer-driven organizations play vital roles in building great communities.

Cities and Communities