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Reproductive Rights Extend to Sexual Education As Well


Comprehensive sexual education empowers youth to exercise their sexual rights and allows for safer sexual practices in the future.


Inclusive Education for a More Compassionate Future


In a country celebrated for being a melting pot, our public school curriculum should be racially, ethnically, and culturally inclusive.

Education, Training and Labor

Asian Critical Race Theory and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies: Frameworks for Implementing Asian Ethnic Studies in PK-12 Education


Under the structures of white supremacy, the pandemic has unveiled the dehumanization of Asian folks in the US. For many of us who are members of Asian communities, these lived realities have existed since the arrival of Chinese laborers in the 1850s.[i] We went from “dog eaters” to “bat eaters”;[ii] we exist dually as model minorities and perpetual foreigners;[iii] we’re seen as apolitical, non-combative, and submissive, yet also as the threatening yellow peril;[iv] we’re fetishized yet desexualized;[v] weaponized to perpetuate anti-Blackness;[vi] and the list goes on.

Gender, Race and Identity

Towards a Study of Citizenship Education Among Non-Citizens: The Case of Palestinians in East Jerusalem


The distinctive characteristics of East Jerusalem, both as a geographical and political space, constitute a gap in scholarship that calls for further research.

Education, Training and Labor

South Africa needs massive social investment to address development challenges


South Africa needs massive social investment in education and basic infrastructure if the country is to address its current development challenges. The Executive Director, Center for Development and Enterprise, South Africa, Ann Bernstein, stated this during the Growth Lab Development Talks at the Harvard Kennedy School. The theme of her talk was “The Role of […]

Education, Training and Labor

Reasons to Doubt the “End of Streaming” in Singapore


Will the introduction of Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) eliminate streaming in Singaporean schools? Cameron Kheng argues that the policy does not succeed in doing so, risking many of the same inequalities that a system of streaming had been criticized for perpetuating. He identifies ways to improve FSBB, reflecting on how to push the policy beyond its underlying logic of economic pragmatism.

Education, Training and Labor

Connecting schools to reduce student’s dropout: A Peruvian case


Over the last 50 years, schooling expanded dramatically in most low- and middle-income countries, however, some disparities still remain, and have even been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In Peru, even though in 2019, 97% of children between 6 and 11 years old had access to primary education, 13% of youngsters between 12 and 16 […]

Education, Training and Labor

Diasporic Anti-Racism


African history did not begin and end with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It began with the birth and advancement of human civilization. Ancient Africans weren’t barbaric and uncultured, but the progenitors of modern humanity. From the world’s oldest universities and empires to the shapers of society, Africa was the foundation of humanity. Across the world, […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Jordanian Economy, Education, Democratization: A conversation with Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz


JMEPP Senior Staff Writer Christina Bouri, and Editor-in-Chief, Ghazi Ghazi sat down with Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz on March 10th to discuss the Jordanian economy and labor market, the education system, the effects of climate change and COVID-19 on the Kingdom of Jordan, and democratization efforts in the country.

Credits to José Cícero Silva/Agência Pública (via GRAIN).

Harvard stole farmland in Brazil for years. Now they’re trying to walk away. The communities they’ve harmed deserve justice.


Palmerina Ferreira Lima was a small-scale farmer in the Brazilian Cerrado, until her land was stolen. At the age of 77, she watched a company put up fences to keep her out and build a massive industrial soy plantation. In the decade since they seized her and her neighbors’ property, the project has nearly dried […]

Fairness and Justice

The Streets Speak in Tongues


I comb through the accent of my adolescent street views and patterns. Deciphering the moral compass that orients its existence. In morse code street peddlers dot, dit, and dash cash flows Bringing movement to our traffic jammed economy. This is a revolt against our arrested feats. Pinned down political beats, whose sub frequencies have yet […]

Congress Giveth, and Treasury Taketh Away


Congressionally mandated funds for COVID relief are under threat from an over-reaching Treasury. Arizona is right to fight back. Parents in the state of Arizona are finally seeing the light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Many struggled to manage their children’s remote learning while keeping their full-time jobs during the worst of the […]

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