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What are the most pressing global challenges of our times? What is good governance? What do we mean by shared public purpose? These are some of the questions we ask at Harvard Kennedy School, for every policy topic, across every region of the world. Our students are actively working towards shaping policy outcomes and improving people’s lives.

How do social movements influence policymaking?

What happens at the intersection of business and government?

Can we build better cities?

What skills foster principled and effective decision making?

How can we strengthen democracies and civic engagement?

How do developing economies create opportunity and growth?

What leads to academic excellence & a stronger labor force?

How can governments create sustainable energy policies?

How do we improve access and opportunity for all?

How do gender, race, and class influence policy outcomes?

What challenges come with a more interdependent world?

What should government’s role be in providing healthcare?

What are the most crucial human rights issues of our time?

How do we create a more secure world?

How does the media shape public opinion and policy outcomes?

What happens at the intersection of politics and policy?

What role should governments play in alleviating poverty?

When should the government intervene in the economy?

What will it take to restore public trust in leaders?

How is technology changing the public sphere?

Can social innovation help solve public challenges?

How do we create strong, healthy, and just societies?

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