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Remembering the “Comfort Women” Intergenerational Asian American Care Work


Asian American activists have been key to remembering the “comfort women” in the U.S. and globally. The act of remembering is often done through creating memorials, exhibits, films, conferences, and educational efforts. This paper examines Asian American activists’ remembrance work in building a memorial in the city of San Francisco.

Gender, Race and Identity

Women’s Rights as Human Rights: The History of the Transnational Feminist Organization – Women Living Under Muslim Laws


Women’s rights continue to be in flux in many Islamic countries, as conservative governments, communities, and rigid patriarchal structures both in public and private continue to relegate the value of women and girls.

Gender, Race and Identity

Interview with Lex Takkenberg


Elom Tettey-Tamaklo sat down with Lex Takkenberg on February 23, 2023 to discuss refugee crises.

Human Rights

Genocide and Hazara Persecution in Afghanistan


Editors Note Hazara persecution in Afghanistan requires nearby countries, in the Middle East and beyond, to enhance their support in streamlining refugees’ access to safety. Despite the increased proliferation of violence against the minority community, several statistics suggest that Afghanistan’s neighbors are restricting movement across borders. In November 2021 – IOM announced that over one million Afghans […]

Human Rights

Law and Policy Used to Address & Aggravate Palestinian Isolation: A Focus on Case Studies from Lebanon, Jordan, Israel


Jordan Cope, Esq. explores how the role of law and policy has been used in three countries—Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, respectively—to both accelerate and to frustrate Palestinian integration. In doing so, the essay also explores the necessary history to contextualize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the status of the Palestinian diaspora.

#EndSARS, #EndEverything and the Bitter-sweet Experience of Being a Young Nigerian in Nigeria


Background Nigerian youths have for too long been heartbroken, marginalized and ignored by the very system they elected to keep the peace, ensure progress, protect their lives, and promote their common interests. The #EndSARS movement which really began in 2017 took a dramatic turn in 2020, for several reasons, chief of which was the irresponsiveness […]

Human Rights

Syrians need more than a compassionate plea to renew cross-border humanitarian aid


Over the past weeks and months, numerous think tanks and individuals have published reports and briefs on the looming humanitarian crisis in northwest Syria. [[1]] This déjà vu moment has not been lost on actors and agencies focused on aid in Syria. In mere weeks, the last remaining entry-point for humanitarian aid into northwest Syria […]

The United States Is Not Safe for LGBT Refugees: A Call to Abandon the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement


The Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) between the United States and Canada has recently appeared in public debate once again.[i] The Agreement was negotiated between the two countries as part of a series of post-September 11, 2001, measures and went into effect in 2004. The logic of this treaty is that each country judges the other […]

The United States is Complicit in the Ethnic Cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah


Decades of impunity for Israel have progressives at a crossroad. What are progressive elected officials willing to do to counter settler colonialism? Anything less than using the full arsenal available to them is complicity.

“The pain of refugees is a part of me . . .”


Interview with Jay (Jihad) Abdo. Photo credits to Fadia Afashe. On 24 October 2020 Syrian-American Hollywood actor Jay (Jihad) Abdo cast his vote for the first time ever in a presidential election. He and his wife Fadia Afashe, a lawyer and visual artist, were never allowed to participate in free elections before or even have […]

Human Rights

While China’s CT Policy in Xinjiang Lacks Humanity, It Also Lacks Long-term Effectiveness


China’s policy of interning more than one million Uyghurs in Xinjiang is both inhumane and unlikely to yield the results that Xi Jinping and the CCP claim they want.

Human Rights

Interview with Jestina Mukoko and Ilaria Allegrozzi: Human Rights in Zimbabwe and Cameroon


During a recent interview, Jestina Mukoko and Ilaria Allegrozzi answered questions from APJ’s Brice Ngameni (Lead Interview Editor), regarding human rights conditions in Zimbabwe and Cameroon respectively. Jestina Mukoko is a prominent human rights activist in Zimbabwe who currently serves as director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project. In 2008, she was unlawfully abducted and detained […]

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