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Backlit firefighters battle a large fire with hoses.

How the Climate Crisis Compounds Risks for Incarcerated Workers


A version of this article was originally published in August 2021 on Climate XChange’s “Intersection” blog. PPR thanks Climate XChange for their permission to reprint it here. The summer of 2021 was marked by a series of climate-fueled disasters: heat waves with disastrous consequences, dramatic rainfall and intense thunderstorms, an earlier and potentially more destructive […]

COVID-19 Policy-making Failed U.S. Workers: Labor organizing can deliver where legislators have stalled


The pandemic prompted many to think about how work shapes our own lives. It also highlighted how reliant we all are on the labor of others. While higher paid workers transitioned to remote work, others had little choice but to continue going to their jobs in person. These workers exposed themselves and their families to […]

source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157979053@N04/28086908539/in/photolist-JMWKnM-rxkzyr-UcSjjX-2k1BL5v-bQrKdx-WEhsN2-VqLSb8-2k1GdFn-WEhq1D-2joUfVE-2k1FvNu-WsxPgK-WAFK97-W51N7d-82S8yq-9kx8bk-WsDjyx-W525nQ-WAztRW-VqDwz8-W4Tuy1-Vo2QcY-agpiwE-WsFjqc-qwJPHC-2jfWxnR-W51GuS-VqLiqt-gvEWmG-Vo7n87-WEgTb2-WpjZyJ-Vo7hAb-2emNU9p-WsDJiB-Vo7E2N-VqKsgB-W51tcu-WEghm2-Wszspa-2k1Fvt1-Vo6Mty-W4TX9A-VqHNeB-WsCGd6-WsCM8g-WEfciP-WAARz3-WAFyEm-22V2Cht

To Meet His Rhetoric on Race, Biden Needs to Repeal Taft-Hartley Union Laws


Passing the PRO Act offers one of the surest routes to build a cross-race coalition in the US.

Exxon and the Inevitable Decline of Fossil Fuels


The reality of climate change, and fossil fuels’ inescapable role in it, means the end of the fossil fuel industry is inevitable. But, how we transition away from fossil fuels is just as important as when. 

Frances Perkins: The Leader Today’s American Workers Need


COVID-19 exposes injustice in the workforce. Frances Perkins offers a model to fix it. We are only beginning to understand the economic repercussions of COVID-19. In less than two months, more than 30 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits, eliminating all of the jobs gained since the 2007-2009 Great Recession. The pandemic has brought unprecedented […]

Organizing for power: the new labor movement and big politics in 2020


Francis Garcia walked into work at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas one morning in late 2007. A migrant from Honduras, Garcia had crossed through Mexico after Hurricane Mitch devastated her country, leaving almost one million Hondurans homeless. She joined the Grand as a housekeeper earning $14.50 an hour; far more than she could expect […]

President Trump Gets a Second Chance to Address Labor Rights in NAFTA


BY MADISON CHAPMAN After a tumultuous August in Washington, one thing is certain: the Trump Administration will amend the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). President Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto at the July 7th G20 Summit, where each expressed a desire to conclude any NAFTA discussion by year-end. According to a […]

Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Stop Machines From Replacing Workers


BY KAVI PATEL Democrats added a $15 federal minimum wage to their platform before the Democratic National Convention at a time when the minimum wage debate is a hot topic and the “Fight for 15” Movement has already been successful in California and New York.  Advocates of an increase in the minimum wage argue that it […]

Education, Training and Labor

How Weddings Condemn India’s Poorest to Bonded Labor


BY MALIKA NOOR MEHTA “Birth. Marriage. Death. In India, these three landmarks are celebrated with zeal,” says Rajneesh Yadav, the India Country Director at Free the Slaves, an international NGO working to eradicate sex trafficking and debt bondage. “When families refuse to perform the rituals associated with each of these events, they are considered social […]

Gender, Race and Identity

This Thanksgiving, Demand Fair Food


BY CAITLIN RYAN The scene is familiar. Fresh snow coats your grandparents’ front lawn. The smell of turkey permeates. Your aunt beams as she collects obligatory compliments that her stuffing, once again, is a hit. Finally, your family members find a place at the table and your grandfather asks each of you to name something […]

Business and Regulation

Right to Work and Health


What the Most Recent Attack on Organized Labor Will Mean for American Workers’ Health and Safety BY DANYAAL RAZA Organized labor is under attack. In 2011, in the depths of an icy Midwestern winter, roughly 100,000 Wisconsinites descended upon their state capitol. Just one month into his term, Governor Scott Walker’s ultimately successful attempt to […]

Education, Training and Labor

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