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Data Sharing in the Age of COVID-19: Why EHR Vendors Need a Closer Look


Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, insufficient health data sharing among electronic health record (EHR) systems in the U.S. has hindered our efforts to track the virus, contain its spread, and treat our most vulnerable patients. An effective COVID-19 response requires timely and coordinated information sharing across all layers of the health care system. Although medical […]

Diasporic Anti-Racism


African history did not begin and end with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It began with the birth and advancement of human civilization. Ancient Africans weren’t barbaric and uncultured, but the progenitors of modern humanity. From the world’s oldest universities and empires to the shapers of society, Africa was the foundation of humanity. Across the world, […]

Gender, Race and Identity

The Streets Speak in Tongues


I comb through the accent of my adolescent street views and patterns. Deciphering the moral compass that orients its existence. In morse code street peddlers dot, dit, and dash cash flows Bringing movement to our traffic jammed economy. This is a revolt against our arrested feats. Pinned down political beats, whose sub frequencies have yet […]

Resources to Help People in Ukraine Find Opportunities to Escape the Current War: A Student-Led Anti-Racism Policy Journal Initiative


The Anti-Racism Policy Journal is working with the community to begin to crowd-source information to help people in Ukraine. Please fill out this form if you want to share other resources available to those in Ukraine. https://forms.gle/4MPsoBLUnkJfsmnDA The current list of resources for people in Ukraine can be found below: Click here Photo credit: Jorono

Gender, Race and Identity

Friends Reach Out


It has been tough. I feel I’ve forgotten how to have fun, forgotten that it is actually possible to have fun, feel sometimes that I’m letting myself go. But the very cause of my rage and disappointment sometimes takes me out of this discomfort zone I’ve created for myself: human beings. My mornings are usually […]

Remembering Malcolm


February 21 Marks 53 Years Since the Death of Malcolm X: A Martyr in the Fight for Anti-Racism

Reimagining Policing In America


Reimagining Community Policing In America

Gender, Race and Identity

Why We Keep Doing Things We Know Don’t Work


Every year in the United States, roughly $4 billion are spent performing 700,000 surgeries that we know don’t work.[1],[2] Why? In part because, on a superficial level, it sounds so plausible. This procedure, an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, is a knee surgery that purports to relieve pain by trimming a frayed meniscus to return it to […]

Decision Making and Negotiation

Harnessing Data at the Speed of War


BY COL MIKE ADAMSKI AND COL MATTHEW HARDMAN Introduction Decades of parochialism within the U.S. military fostered isolated digital networks that force the user to serve as integrator, squandering organizational energy and intellect. For the past 18 years, the U.S. and our partners have been fighting counterinsurgency and counterterrorism wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In […]

Fintech Customers Deserve Greater Command Over Their Data and Value Commensurate with Relinquishing It


BY IVAN RAHMAN March 15th marks World Consumer Rights Day. For American consumers exploited by data-grabbing corporate giants, one wonders whether there is much to celebrate. The evidence shows that most companies “prefer to keep consumers in the dark, choose control over sharing, and ask for forgiveness rather than permission.” Target is a classic example […]

Toward a Critical Analysis Framework of Digital Algorithms for Policy Makers


BY HANNAH MASUGA Data-driven policymaking is widely touted as the best way to improve government, but it also poses a threat to our fundamental freedoms. It’s true that research intended to drive more efficient and effective programming provides important insights into how society functions. The danger comes from leveraging technology to implement our findings. This […]

Digital Privacy, But at What Cost?


BY AYNA AGARWAL About three years ago, a little-known researcher named Aleksandr Kogan began a social science experiment at Cambridge University. Nothing unusual here. But just a few years later, he became embroiled in a Silicon Valley scandal of epic proportions. Over 80 million raw profiles of users—including their friends, activity, and private information—were scraped […]

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