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The Citizen

Taking the Lede: A Challenge & A Commitment

By Tommy Tobin, Editor-in-Chief

The Kennedy School community is full of wonderfully kind people committed to asking themselves what they can do to make their communities and this world a better place. In this issue, we’re fortunate to have Matt Clemons, Director of HKS Admissions, to welcome the newest members of our community. We are also fortunate to feature an interview with Nick Kristof about how we can best go about making a difference, especially as many of us seek new opportunities.

As the Kennedy School community is so deeply fascinating and enriching, it can be frustrating to eschew opportunities to get to know each other in favor of problem sets and our important academic commitments. This year, we aim to make the HKS community paper reflect the HKS Community.

To that end, we are instituting new sections to promote awareness of different features of our community. In our KUDOS section, we will be highlighting achievements –both large and small—of members of our community. In our revitalized Staff Spotlight feature, we will be spotlighting members of our professional community, especially those with student-facing roles.

You are a vital process – sign up to write, contribute, or edit. We welcome submissions, and we’ll be publishing twice a month.

This is the 20th Anniversary year for our student publication. It will be as good as we make it together. Be a part of HKS History. Contribute your thoughts, writing, and insights. With your help, we’ll make this our best year yet!