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Disrupt North Korea


By Tommy Tobin The totalitarian regime of North Korea is no laughing matter. Between concentration camps, gulags, and political executions, North Korea is one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to protecting human rights. This cultural dictatorship is home to the world’s most militarized society, yet could a raunchy American comedy bring it […]

Entrepreneurs Share Lessons Learned


By Tommy Tobin, Editor in Chief Entrepreneurship is about bold ideas as well as the skill and the drive to see them through. For HKS Professor Carl Byers, entrepreneurship—whether in the private or social sector—is about the numbers. In his course, “Entrepreneurial Finance,” Byers teaches students the ins and outs of balance sheets, profit/loss statements, […]

Taking the Lede: A Challenge & A Commitment


By Tommy Tobin, Editor-in-Chief The Kennedy School community is full of wonderfully kind people committed to asking themselves what they can do to make their communities and this world a better place. In this issue, we’re fortunate to have Matt Clemons, Director of HKS Admissions, to welcome the newest members of our community. We are also […]

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