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Turkey in the Age of Trump: A Path forward for US-Turkey Relations


BY TYLER RODGERS Shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day, a lone ISIS-inspired gunman launched an attack at a popular Istanbul nightclub that killed thirty-nine and injured sixty-five more. The rampage signaled an inauspicious start to 2017 in Turkey and offered evidence that the tumultuous events of the previous year—including an attempted military coup and […]

Tunisia protests

Tunisia: “Unemployment has killed me”


Youth unemployment is a major driver of radicalization in Tunisia, which supplies more fighters to Syria and Iraq than any other country.

Poverty, Inequality and Opportunity
ISIL graffiti

ISIL may be losing on the battlefield. But it’s winning elsewhere.


The terrorist group aims to shrink the “grayzone”: the plane of coexistence between Muslims in the West and their non-Muslim countrymen.

International Relations and Security

‘Saving Iraq’: The chains of liberation


The dangerous assumption that Iraqis are unable to govern themselves must be challenged.

International Relations and Security
Aleppo Karm al Jabal neighborhood

Aleppo and Mosul: What’s next?


JMEPP speaks with Gregory Aftandilian on the devastating battles for Aleppo and Mosul -and what’s next for Syria and Iraq.

Human Rights
Iraq Popular Mobilization Forces

Inside the propaganda war for Mosul


A propaganda war between the Iraqi government and ISIL is raging alongside the military campaign to retake Mosul.

Russian military in Syria

Russia, Syria, and the ‘new Cold War’


Russia intervened in the Syrian war to redefine the international balance of power, not as a brotherly commitment to defend his Arab ally.

From Racism to Terrorism: the Jihadi Siren Call


Throughout his campaign for president of the United States, Republican nominee Donald Trump has time and time again denigrated Muslim communities living on American soil and abroad. Trump’s critics have underscored how promoting the prejudicial treatment of Muslims only helps to strengthen anti-American Islamist organizations. By targeting Muslims, the arguments go, Trump inadvertently validates claims made […]


The war on Syria’s hospitals


Embed from Getty Images In late September, the largest hospital on the rebel-held side of Aleppo was bombed by Syrian or Russian planes, taking it temporarily out of commission and leaving only six hospitals operational in the area. This week, Aleppo’s M10 hospital was bombed yet again, leaving two doctors and a pharmacist wounded. The […]

Human Rights

Syria: Why the shooting never stops


In Syria, a ceasefire negotiated by Russia and the United States quickly broke down last week. Although unstable from the outset, the truce crumbled after the US bombed a Syrian army position, in a move it said was accidental, and Russian or Syrian jets attacked a UN aid convoy near Aleppo. This ceasefire was just […]

International Relations and Security

Is the Battle for Fallujah a Battle Against Fallujah?


Fallujah, located 40 miles west of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, has long been known as the “city of mosques.” But since its capture by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Shia militias fighting to take the predominantly Sunni city have bestowed other epithets on Fallujah. One militia leader compared it to a “tumor” […]

International Relations and Security

Amending Inadmissibility for Syrian and Iraqi Victims of ISIL


Living Under ISIS Under existing United States law, asylum-seekers having given material support to designated terrorist organizations cannot apply for asylum in the United States. This is called the material support statute under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and is meant to protect the United States from admitting potentially dangerous refugees. In the Syrian […]

Human Rights

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