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The Quest for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights in Morocco


In this article, Yasmina Benslimane gives an overview of the current deadly situation of abortion rights in Morocco and the urgent need for legislative change.

The green domino effect: the global impact of the feminist mobilizations for sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America


In the last decade, we have witnessed worldwide policy and law changes regarding sexual and reproductive rights. In some countries, such as the United States, federal and state-level legal decisions evidence a withdrawal of gender equality policies[i] regarding sexual and reproductive autonomy. At the same time, contentious politics and legal efforts have led to their […]

Fight Like a Girl: Russian Feminists Leading the Resistance Against the Invasion of Ukraine


Abstract In a patriarchal country like Russia with “traditional” values endorsed by the official Kremlin propaganda, the first organized group[i] to confront the government after Putin’s declaration of the invasion of Ukraine was paradoxically comprised of feminists. Within 24 hours, they mobilized to form the Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAR). For an embarrassingly long time, they […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Argentina’s Road Towards the Right to Choose


Argentina has a long tradition of women mobilizing for their own rights, human rights, and justice in their country. The 30-year-old struggle for abortion rights in Argentina was paved by local women’s organizations and by a constant persistence in guaranteeing women’s right to choose. Getting there was not a coincidence nor just luck. It took […]

A white woman's torso. One arm cocked, the other hand on her chest. She wears a white tshirt with the word Feminist on it.

A day in the life of a feminist: an unironic exposition of how to demolish the patriarchy in 24 hours


Put down your borrowed copy of bell hooks and roll up the sleeves of your “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt made by Bangladeshi children. Lay them at the altar of my practical guide to a day in the life of a feminist. Weep, for as our ancestors foretold, there is more nuance […]

The War on Ukraine: Time for a Feminist Foreign Policy?


On February 26, two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, a friend’s roommate took shelter in a bunker in Kyiv. There, she witnessed the birth of a baby boy. Luckily, a doctor was amongst those present. Handing the newborn to the young father, the doctor told him, “The next time you have a baby, I hope […]

International Relations and Security

It’s Time for a U.S. Feminist Foreign Policy


  Women leaders around the world are being disproportionately recognized for their skilled responses to the coronavirus crisis. These women have led compassionately and collaboratively, and put individuals—other women, in particular—at the center of their policymaking and response efforts, to incredible impact. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, for example, has grabbed global headlines […]

#EnaZeda: A Women’s Revolution of our Bodies for our Bodies


The 2011 Tunisian revolution that ousted a dictator and security state rule, did not only change the country’s political system, but it impacted all aspects of Tunisian life, especially for women. The most recent national election, in October 2019, brought a new independent President to power. Met with celebration, Tunisians appeared eager to start a […]

Pink Glitter: A New Form of Civil Disobedience


On August 3rd, yet another crime of gender-based violence made headlines in Mexico: ”Girl Kidnapped and Raped by Police”. Over the following days, feminist protests erupted across the country to demand women’s right to basic dignity—a life free of violence. However, these protests have been mistakenly and unfairly accused of being violent themselves, when in […]

#PepperDemMinistries: A Digital Afrocentric Approach to Feminism


  In early Fall 2017, the husband of Ghanaian entertainer Afia Schwarzenegger uploaded videos of what appeared to be Schwarzenegger engaging in an extramarital affair. Ghana’s digital publics swiftly demonized her. That September, several women used the hashtag #MenAreTheirOwnEnemies to expose the misogyny pervading media coverage of the Schwarzenegger affair. Regardless of the facts of […]

Mexico Achieved Gender Parity: Does it Matter?


BY DANIELA PHILIPSON In 2017, the average proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments was barely above 23% (World Bank). In Latin America this proportion is a little higher at 29%. While the representation of women in legislative bodies around the world is not predicted by GDP per capita or any other economic […]

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