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377A: Why ‘Waiting’ is a Lazy Excuse for Inaction


The government’s ‘wait-and-see’ approach to the 377A repeal debate is problematic and a lazy excuse for inaction, writes Yong Han Poh. Singaporeans in favour of repeal should act now to support it, rather than keeping quiet because they assume a silent majority wants to keep the law.

Disrupting National Service Policy: An Alternative for Ben Davis and Singapore


Ben Davis should be allowed to disrupt or defer National Service, writes Brendan Dean. That this will not be allowed under current policy shows that the policy should be changed, to recognise the dynamics of team sports and the contributions to national spirit that having Singaporeans on the world athletic stage makes. The supposed choice between duty and talent development is a false dichotomy.

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act: A Legal Primer


As we put more of our lives and data online, personal data and its management has become a much more controversial issue. What are Singapore’s laws on the issue, and how do we balance technological progress with personal privacy? Jarret Huang explains.

Science, Technology and Data

முன்னேறு வாலிபாவைத் தாண்டி… சிங்கையில் தமிழின் எதிர்காலம் குறித்து ஒரு இளையரின் பார்வை


இல்லங்களில் ஆங்கில மொழியின் புழக்கம் அதிகரிக்க, அதிகரிக்க, தமிழ்மொழியின் பயன்பாடு குறைந்துக்கொண்டே வருகின்றது. சிங்கையில் தமிழ்மொழியின் முக்கியத்துவத்தை வலுப்படுத்த சில பரிந்துரைகளை பார்கவ் ஸ்ரீகணேஷ் முன்வைக்கிறார்.


The Economics of Bike Sharing


Singapore’s bike-sharing market has expanded dramatically in the past year. Huey Lee and Nicholas Lui explain the economics underlying the all-in strategy many firms have taken, how the firms can be profitable, and what the Government’s regulatory responses should be.

Development and Economic Growth

Singapore: A Climate-Resilient City?


Extreme weather events made worse by climate change are wreaking havoc on cities worldwide. Al Lim evaluates Singapore’s climate resilience through the lens of the recent MRT flooding incidents, and explores how Singapore can strengthen social resilience as a community.

Development and Economic Growth

Singapore’s Economic Future is Southeast Asia


To secure Singapore’s economic future, look to Southeast Asia. In the past fifty years, Singapore has been the economic success story of the region. The tables are now starting to turn. ASEAN countries are now some of the fastest growing countries in the world, and Brendan Chia argues that Southeast Asia holds the key to Singapore’s own economic growth.

Development and Economic Growth

The Economic Security of Rideshare Drivers


Jia Hui Lin writes that rideshare drivers need better social protection. She presents her findings from 68 interviews with Singaporean Uber and Grab drivers, and argues that drivers need more flexible savings options.

Development and Economic Growth

Becoming Citizens of the Smart Nation


What, or who, really is the Smart Nation? In the era of the #SmartNation Singapore, discussions of “smartness” abound in the news space, but corresponding discussions of nationhood are few and far in between.

Science, Technology and Data

The Quality of Mercy


When a domestic helper was charged for accidentally worsening an injury to the disabled child under her care, the judge’s controversial decision to show her mercy revealed deeper divides in Singaporean society and sparked an intense online debate over justice, fairness, and attitudes towards foreigners.

Fairness and Justice

Conversing with our cosmopolitan past: Applying history to the present


“Knowing where you are going,” declared Minister for Foreign Affairs S. Rajaratnam in the 1970s, “is more important than knowing where you came from” (Tarulevicz 2009, 415). So convinced was he by this maxim that he echoed this exact sentiment a decade later in an article for The Straits Times, where he extolled the merits […]


Rethinking HDB: Putting all our retirement eggs in one basket


Asset values may plateau, and we have to begin rethinking the investment value of HDB flats.

Development and Economic Growth

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