The UN-defined Oceania region includes Australia and New Zealand as well as additional island nations.

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A Cure Against Conversion Therapy in Singapore?


Lawyer and activist Daryl Yang discusses how a consumer protection approach to conversion therapy might offer a balanced alternative to legislative change that permits individual choice whilst protecting against misleading claims.

Gender, Race and Identity

Nuclear Nightmare: Made in America


The Marshall Islands may look like a tropical paradise from a distance, but such beauty hides deadly radiation and mass destruction of the environment and culture from repeated nuclear testing. After sixty years of evading legal and moral responsibility, the United States must address this dark nuclear legacy and the injustices inflicted on the people […]

International Relations and Security

“They are us.” Three words from New Zealand that said it all


As an Australian currently living in the US, it was Friday morning by the time I woke up to news of the attacks that had occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand two weeks ago. News from our region feels rare here, and the deep tragedy of the event so close to my home struck me. Since […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

The U.S. Debate Over Confederate Statues Changed My Mind about Australia Day


For as long as I can remember, January 26 has been one of my favorite days of the year: Australia Day. Typically, I, and many other Aussies, spend the day with family and friends overloading BBQs with meat, carefully extracting beer and wine from ice-filled eskys, playing backyard cricket, and listening to Triple J’s Hottest […]

Gender, Race and Identity

How Australia Weathered the Sudden End of the Mining Boom


Most Australians today accept that the mining boom of the mid-to late 2000s, which reshaped the country, is largely over. But an overlooked segment of history is that the end of the stunning run in bulk commodity prices came as a rapid and unexpected shock to most of the nation. Despite predictions of weaker Chinese […]

Business and Regulation

Indonesia in Flames


Indonesia’s forest is burning. Around 8,100 square miles of land, almost equivalent to the size of New Jersey, is in flames. According to the World Resource Institute, the daily emissions from the forest fires since the first week of September are larger than the average daily emissions produced by the entire U.S. domestic economy. Forests […]

Environment and Energy

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