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Steering the AI Transition: The Case for More Employee Ownership


If you google “AI” in the news these days, it is hard to find a story that is not focused on existential risk of omnipotent AI fully erasing humanity. While I do not buy into the doomsayer’s worst-case scenarios, my experience as an AI advisor to business executives and policy makers tells me this time is different.

Business and Regulation

Referendums Are Dangerous for Democracy


On 23 June 2016, 33.6 million people and I stepped into polling booths to answer a yes-or-no question that would define the United Kingdom for generations.[1] According to the “Vote Leave” campaign, this was our opportunity to “take back control” and release the country from the unrelenting grip of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.[2] God forbid, […]

Making Welfare Work: Building a Culture of Care in the UK


At the end of October, Britain is set to exit the EU. With no deal currently in place, and uncertainty over how trade tariffs and the movement of goods will be impacted, there is increasing anxiety in the United Kingdom about the availability of food, fuel, and medicines. Although such provisions are typically the responsibility […]

Education, Training and Labor

Podcast: Saudi’s future investment initiative and the Balfour Declaration’s centennial anniversary


Middle East Weekly, JMEPP’s news podcast, goes behind the headlines on the region, explaining and analyzing the most pressing issues of the week.

Development and Economic Growth

Britain Needs a Uniter Not a Divider as Prime Minister


BY PATRICK WHITE ‘Crush the saboteurs’ proclaimed the Daily Mail newspaper as Prime Minister Theresa May announced that for the fourth time in four years a major national poll would take place in the UK this summer. My concern is that rhetoric like this will only serve to widen further divisions in British society. The […]

Scotland Takes Domestic Abuse Seriously – And We Should Too


BY MARYROSE MAZZOLA “Two police officers, a court advocate, and a social worker walk into a room,” might sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but in Edinburgh, Scotland, it’s a new policy norm. This is what’s known as a MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Committee) meeting. Here, up to a dozen domestic abuse service […]

Fairness and Justice

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