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How Can Nigeria Divert Remittance Flows to Formal Channels?


Remittances play an instrumental role in Nigeria’s economy, yet, an estimated 50% of remittances are channeled through informal networks. Newly proposed strategies can enhance Nigeria’s remittance flows through formal channels.

Business and Regulation

A Playbook to Design & Deliver Financial Savings Solutions for Women


The gender gap looms large in financial inclusion. Across developing economies, women are six percentage points less likely than men to own bank accounts — in countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Turkey, the gender gap is more than twenty percentage points. Men are more likely to report that they have saved any money in the […]

Nigerian Diplomat Implores African Countries to Leverage African Union Platform for Negotiations with Major Powers


In a recent interview with Africa Policy Journal, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Yahya Lawal emphasized the importance of African unity and collaboration in order to effectively leverage relationships with major powers. Ambassador Lawal highlighted the African Union’s Agenda 2063, a comprehensive plan that takes into account the interests of African countries.  He […]

International Relations and Security

Harvard’s Agbiboa Calls for Prioritization of Citizen Voices in Informal Transport Policy-Making in Africa


Daniel Agbiboa, an assistant professor of African and African American studies at Harvard University, has called on African policymakers to prioritize people’s voices when enacting policies concerning the informal transport sector in Africa. Speaking during an interactive program hosted by Africa Policy Journal, Professor Agbiboa highlighted the importance of considering the views of ordinary citizens […]

Nigeria’s Peter Obi to prioritize SMEs if elected president


A Nigerian presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has pledged to spend 70% of his time in developing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), if elected president of Nigeria. Peter Obi disclosed this during a roundtable discussion organized by the Harvard Business School on Wednesday. The event was moderated by Hakeem Belo-Osagie, a professor at Harvard Business School. […]


Op-Ed: To effectively combat COVID-19, Africa needs to play offense


I am worried about Africa’s preparedness for the COVID-19 outbreak, and so should everybody else. As at the beginning of March, there were only four cases in Africa spread across Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. Since then, at least 46 out of 54 countries in Africa have reported cases of COVID-19. On March 28 2020, roughly four […]


Connected Security: The missing link in the evolving regional approach to countering violent extremism in West Africa


This piece, written by Okey Uzoechina, discusses the emerging regional approach of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in regard to support to its member states in countering terrorism and violent extremism. It appeared in the 2018 APJ print edition.  Abstract This paper discusses the emerging regional approach of the Economic Community of […]

International Relations and Security

Boko Haram and the Ongoing Campaign of Terror in Northern Nigeria: The End in Sight?


There is an ongoing campaign of terror in Nigeria. Since July 2009, Boko Haram, an extremist jihadist group from northern Nigeria, has killed over 3,500 people in the wake of an Islamic insurgency, with the death toll rising almost on a daily basis. The group has carried out frequent gun attacks and bombings, in some […]

International Relations and Security

Vulnerability Analysis and Policy Development in Democratic African States


The development challenges for contemporary democratic states of Africa are enormous. This somewhat sweeping phrase takes for granted the question of whether those countries claiming to be democratic are so in organisation and practice. For instance, only Mauritius was categorised as full democracy out of 44 sub-Saharan African countries evaluated in Democracy Index, 2010; 8 […]

Development and Economic Growth

The Red Dust of Africa: A Personal Journey


In 1961, I received an invitation from Sargent Shriver to join the newly created Peace Corps. I was a 1959 alumna of the Experiment in International Living that had been directed by Shriver. My husband and I applied and on May 22nd of that year received a congratulatory letter signed by John F. Kennedy. By […]


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