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Harvard’s Agbiboa Calls for Prioritization of Citizen Voices in Informal Transport Policy-Making in Africa

Daniel Agbiboa, an assistant professor of African and African American studies at Harvard University, has called on African policymakers to prioritize people’s voices when enacting policies concerning the informal transport sector in Africa. Speaking during an interactive program hosted by Africa Policy Journal, Professor Agbiboa highlighted the importance of considering the views of ordinary citizens in policy-making decisions.

Professor Agbiboa drew on his recent book, “They Eat Our Sweat,” which used ethnographic research to understand the role of corruption in everyday life. As part of this work, the professor spent two months working as a bus conductor in Lagos, gaining valuable insights into the complexity of ordinary people’s lives.

“I urge governments with modernizing agendas to remember the impact their policies will have on people’s lives,” Professor Agbiboa said. “To create effective policies, it is crucial that people’s voices are taken into account during the drafting process.”

The informal transport sector in Africa is a vital part of the economy, providing employment and affordable transport options for millions of people. However, it is often subject to a lack of regulation and can be vulnerable to corruption.

By emphasizing the importance of considering people’s voices in policy-making, Professor Agbiboa is advocating for a more inclusive and effective approach to the regulation of the informal transport sector in Africa.

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