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Captagon: Violence in Syria and the War on Drugs


The stimulant Captagon has been portrayed as a super drug underlying the violence in Syria and Iraq. But the emphasis on the drug’s side-effects, in conjunction with a fear of narcotics bred by the war on drugs, has detracted from a proper analysis of the foundational causes of that violence.

Human Rights

The War on Drugs: One Approach to Reduce Overdose Deaths in New York City


BY STEVEN SARAO Introduction It is estimated that over one thousand New Yorkers died of unintentional drug overdoses in 2016, more than three times the homicide rate in the city that same year.[1],[2] While a breakdown of the 2016 overdose data is not yet available, based on 2015 data we can expect the vast majority […]

Social Policy

The UN Special Session on Drugs: A Moment to Recognize the Tragedy of a Failed Policy


BY TANIA DEL RIO The war on drugs is fueling conflict and destroying families. It is time for the global community to recognize that after 50 years of failure, the only practical and humane policy is to end the punitive approach by decriminalizing mild substances and controlling toxic ones. This week’s UN Special Session on […]

Fairness and Justice

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