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More Information is More Representation: An Argument for Ranked-Choice Voting


BY GRANT TUDOR Congress is polarized. So polarized, in fact, that one would have to go all the way back to the Reconstruction era to find a similar level of discord. But perhaps more surprising is that while Congress has become more polarized, the American public has not: its dispersion of views has remained generally […]

How Democrats Can Win in 2019 with Behavioral Science: Ditch CTV Pledges for Vote Tripling Pledges


Democrats should ditch commit-to-vote (CTV) pledges for vote tripling pledges.  BY ROBERT REYNOLDS Instead of asking Democrats to commit to vote, campaigns should ask them to pledge to get three friends to vote. Relative to commit-to-vote (CTV) pledges, new evidence suggests voters like ‘vote tripling’ pledges more and that these pledges more effectively increase voter […]

The Democratic Party Must Commit to African Americans


BY BOB PAYNE A year after the 2016 election, stuck with a scandal-mired President and a Congress pushing an unpopular agenda, the country faces a genuine crisis of confidence in government. Democrats could have stopped this if they delivered their supporters as voters. Instead, they are the minority and out of power. To get back […]

Democrats Have Become Too Complacent


BY WILL EBERLE Democrats have long prided themselves on being the big tent party, representing minorities and women to a greater degree than Republicans. It has become such an ingrained part of the party mentality that it is hard to conceive of an alternate future in which Democrats lose the support of such groups in […]

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