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Separate But Equal


Realizing the aspirations of Brown requires addressing the panoply of issues perpetuating racial and class divides. We can’t solve segregation at the school district level. Society has to get involved.

Want to Fix the Development Sector? Stop Calling it “Development”


BY ANIKA MANZOOR The international development sector, like many other sectors under the Trump Administration, is undergoing some deep soul-searching as US foreign aid faces significant cuts. From a former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees official calling the humanitarian system “broken” to our newly-appointed USAID Administrator’s blatant aversion to handouts, development practitioners in the […]

Empowering the Asian American Community: An Interview with Filmmaker Curtis Chin


AAPR: Could you tell me about your background? CHIN: I like to say I’m Detroit-born, New York–raised, and Los Angeles–based. I’m the middle child of a large Chinese American family that somehow ended up in the Midwest in the late 1800s. I’m currently working on a memoir of my childhood growing up in the family […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Review of the Oscar-Nominated Documentary, “The Square”


Just as Egyptians were preparing themselves for the third anniversary of the 2011 “Lotus” Revolution, a sold-out theater on the other side of the globe eagerly waited for the Oscar nominated documentary, “The Square,” to begin. Ironically, the documentary that beautifully captures the struggles of those who demanded freedom, transparency and social justice, has been […]


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