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Skyline of Downtown Dubai with Burj Khalifa from a Helicopter

Event Review, 2018 Annual Harvard Arab Conference: Technology and innovation: Inseparable couple?


Technology and innovation have the potential to ameliorate an impending regional energy crisis while creating space for young people to flourish.

Saudi power lines

Reaching for the sun: Saudi Arabia embraces renewable energy


With an economy long buoyed by oil, Saudi Arabia is beginning to feel the pinch for the first time in decades. The Saudi economy grew at a meager rate of 1.4% in 2016, as the war effort in Yemen and low global oil prices began to take their toll. This forced the government to raise $9 […]

Environment and Energy
Renewable energy in the UAE

Middle East eyes renewable energy for a post-oil world


The Middle East is home to massive oil reserves, but some countries in the region are making headway in a very different field: renewable energy.

Environment and Energy

Looking for Regional Gains: Do Renewable Portfolio Standards Really Work?


BY SAMUEL STOLPER Like it or not, renewable portfolio standards (RPSs) are a major part of United States climate and energy policy. Thirty states and the District of Columbia have enacted RPSs, and seven more states have analogous voluntary (non-binding) programs[i]. RPSs have been active since the early 2000s, so some states have as much […]

Environment and Energy

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