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Genocide and Hazara Persecution in Afghanistan


Editors Note Hazara persecution in Afghanistan requires nearby countries, in the Middle East and beyond, to enhance their support in streamlining refugees’ access to safety. Despite the increased proliferation of violence against the minority community, several statistics suggest that Afghanistan’s neighbors are restricting movement across borders. In November 2021 – IOM announced that over one million Afghans […]

Human Rights

Law and Policy Used to Address & Aggravate Palestinian Isolation: A Focus on Case Studies from Lebanon, Jordan, Israel


Jordan Cope, Esq. explores how the role of law and policy has been used in three countries—Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, respectively—to both accelerate and to frustrate Palestinian integration. In doing so, the essay also explores the necessary history to contextualize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the status of the Palestinian diaspora.

The United States Is Not Safe for LGBT Refugees: A Call to Abandon the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement


The Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) between the United States and Canada has recently appeared in public debate once again.[i] The Agreement was negotiated between the two countries as part of a series of post-September 11, 2001, measures and went into effect in 2004. The logic of this treaty is that each country judges the other […]

The Ruse of Repatriation: Why the Current Efforts to Repatriate the Rohingya back to Myanmar Will Fail


The international community has a responsibility to bolster its voice to hold Myanmar accountable for their denial of the brutalities and to encourage Bangladesh to continue supporting and hosting the refugees.

The Effects of the Travel Ban on Refugee Resettlement in Jordan


With the decreased opportunity for resettlement, refugees often take risks—either returning to unsafe conditions in their country of origin or even rejecting resettlement to the United States because of concerns about Islamophobia.

Source: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Empowerment and compassion in refugee crisis response: A conversation with UNHCR MENA Director Amin Awad


“Having worked all over the world on a range of emergencies over the last 30 years, community resilience is something that I have witnessed in every situation, without fail. The strength of the human spirit to triumph over adversity never ceases to amaze me.”

Humanizing UK Asylum Policies


BY JASON HUNG In 2001, Lord Jeffrey William Rooker, then UK Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration, asked Prime Minister Tony Blair whether there was a legal way an asylum seeker could enter the United Kingdom.[1] The latter bluntly denied such a possibility. After current PM Theresa May took over the office, she argued […]

Syrian refugee children - Mafraq, Jordan - UN Photo/Mark Garten.

Worsening gaps in education for Syrian refugees: Lessons from the early education response in Jordan


As the Syrian refugee crisis continues, reflecting on educational provision for refugee children in Jordan demands a move beyond the crisis approach.

Challenges of the Venezuelan Exodus


Venezuela is facing one of the biggest social collapses in modern history. The combination of economic and political unrest has mobilized millions of Venezuelans to leave their home and families behind to seek a better future, mostly to Latin American countries. With conservative estimates from around 2.6 to 3.4 million, though some reach as far […]

Human Rights

The “Digital Divide” –and How to Bridge It


BY JEAN GUO AND RACHEL PEARL O’SHEA Digital transformation and its implications for the future of work have become the topic du jour among public policy officials, scholars, and commentators all over the world. With predictions that new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will threaten as many as 800 million jobs over the […]

Emerging ID Technology Helps Refugees, at a Cost to Privacy


BY LAURA SCHIEMICHEN Cold, hungry, distressed – refugees arriving in Europe mourn the lives they’ve abandoned and turn anxiously towards the future. Whether they’ve forgotten their ID card or have left their birth certificate behind, the last thing on their minds is re-establishing a legal identity. Looking around, they see thousands of individuals just like […]

Asylum seekers in Greece

To address the refugee crisis, focus on dignity


Millions of people in the Middle East and elsewhere were forced to flee their homes in recent years. What they need most now is dignity.

Human Rights

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