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#APJChat: Mandla Isaacs, South Africa


Mandla Isaacs is an Edward Mason Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he is currently pursuing a Mid-Career Master’s in Public Administration, Public Policy and Management. He hails from South Africa. In this #APJChat, he speaks with the APJ’s Lead Interview Editor, Noah Asfaw, about his journey to Harvard, his perspectives on public service […]

Public Leadership and Management

The Perils of Data-Driven Policy Decisions


BY ANGELICA QUICKSEY Although quantitative data and analysis can help us design better policies and programs, we have edged alarmingly close to a worldview that suggests the use of data automatically scrubs away ideology and prejudice. This worldview neglects the ways that numbers can reflect human biases and the ways data can be dangerous. Data […]

It’s Time to Pop the Liberal Bubble at Public Policy Schools


Donald Trump achieved what many considered unthinkable. He is president of the United States, having won 304 Electoral College votes in the 2016 election. In addition, the Republican Party won majorities in the Senate and the House of Representatives. “Why did the electorate do what they did tonight?” Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, posed […]


Donald Trump Is President: Crisis At Harvard Kennedy School?


“I’ve never felt anything like it.” So shell-shocked are the students and faculty at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, according to a friend of mine, following the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Students wept openly the next day as we watched Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and President Obama’s […]


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