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An Interview with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman


On May 1st, HKS Student Policy Review Senior Editor Chacier Alexander sat down with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to discuss the future of artificial intelligence.

Science, Technology and Data

Political power should be transferred to the youth-Zimbabwe’s Fadzayi Mahere


As Zimbabwe heads to the polls in April 2023, spokesperson for the opposition Citizen Coalition for Change, Fadzayi Mahere, has stated that it is time for the youth to take over the mantle of leadership in the country. Mahere was speaking during an interview with Africa Policy Journal in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There are more than […]


Diasporic Anti-Racism


African history did not begin and end with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It began with the birth and advancement of human civilization. Ancient Africans weren’t barbaric and uncultured, but the progenitors of modern humanity. From the world’s oldest universities and empires to the shapers of society, Africa was the foundation of humanity. Across the world, […]

Gender, Race and Identity

The Streets Speak in Tongues


I comb through the accent of my adolescent street views and patterns. Deciphering the moral compass that orients its existence. In morse code street peddlers dot, dit, and dash cash flows Bringing movement to our traffic jammed economy. This is a revolt against our arrested feats. Pinned down political beats, whose sub frequencies have yet […]

We Must Exist Beyond Our Communities


Since 18 October 2019 in Chile, the majority of the population has demanded a new constitution to break away from the neoliberalism of the dictator Pinochet; a new constitution was drawn up by an elected Constitutional Assembly representative of all Chileans, including indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants

Optimism as a Way of Life


I have always been positive. That was my attitude when at 17 I left Puerto Barros, my hometown, for Guatemala City. Because of the color of my skin and my gender, I suffered from hunger, discrimination, and harassment; but I also met people who helped me in good faith and enabled me to get ahead.

Solidarity Is The Lifeline


At the time of this writing over 400,000 people in Brazil have died of COVID-19. This trend does not seem to be slowing down. As time passes, I am increasingly fearful for friends and acquaintances, as Afro-descendants and indigenous Brazilians are 38 percent more likely to die of COVID-19 than white Brazilians and 32 percent higher than the general population. Negationist attitudes among our current political leadership means that these deaths are being trivialized. On top of this, restrictions do not allow funerals, do not allow humane farewells, the sharing of tears, the necessary rituals of passage.

Gender, Race and Identity

Sprints for America: Pairing Private Sector Tech with Public Sector Projects


Government has long struggled to import tech talent. Sprints for America could be a new answer to this challenge.

Episode 1: Kansas Secretary of Labor, Delia Garcia


Listen Here! Welcome to our first HJHP Podcast episode for the 2019-2020 academic year. We kick off this year’s series, Pain to Power, with an interview with Delia Garcia, Kansas Secretary of Labor. In our conversation with Secretary Garcia, we learned about her journey from her family’s restaurant in Wichita to her role as an […]


One Size Does Not Fit All: The Rise of Tailor-Made Economic Policies


BY HUBERT WU Many major shortcomings of economic policy making can be attributed to an over-reliance on “one-size-fits-all” policies that ignore differences in countries, industries, and individuals. Until the early 21st century, the accepted means to increase the wealth of developing countries centered on a set of largely standardized policy prescriptions. At the industry level, […]

Development and Economic Growth

DACA Repeal Demands Our Action and Push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that President Trump has decided to rescind DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, came as a shock to some and is disappointing to us. Although DACA recipients come from places as wide-ranging as Jamaica and the Philippines, the vast majority of them are from Latinx communities. (Latinx is […]

How Human-Centered Design Contributes to Better Policy


BY ANGELICA QUICKSEY   “Explore. Experiment. Evaluate. Be delightful!” These words, beside a dry-erase drawing of a double-sided funnel, are scrawled across one of many whiteboard-coated walls in an office full of sticky notes, markers, and a quiet buzz of activity. The office sits on the fifth floor of Boston city hall and hosts a […]

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