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Inclusive Education for a More Compassionate Future


In a country celebrated for being a melting pot, our public school curriculum should be racially, ethnically, and culturally inclusive.

Education, Training and Labor

Reclaiming Our Identity Is Reclaiming Our Dignity


People of Afro-Japanese heritage like me (I am Ghanaian-Japanese) are not considered “true” Japanese due to our darker complexion. People like me are often bullied at school or made to feel like foreigners in our own country. However, we represent Japan too; we are becoming more visible and growing in number. From Naomi Osaka, the […]

I Love who I Have Become


The pandemic has been emotionally overwhelming and transformative – both for personal and professional reasons. There was so much uncertainty about the future and our agency in how we could lead our lives that it was really important to deal with the situation head on. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many family members and […]

Claiming My Identity’s Journey


This piece is a continuation of the Anti-Racism Policy Journal’s collaboration with Collateral Benefits.

A Lexicon for Climate Justice


*Excerpt from a piece that will be published in the print/and digital editions of The Anti-Racism Policy Journal*

A Lexicon for Climate Justice

Amidst a recent win for transgender rights, the fight for true LGBTQ equity in Massachusetts is not over


BY SAM BARRAK This past November, Massachusetts made history as the first state to affirm transgender non-discrimination protections in a public referendum. To those voters who said yes on Question 3, thank you for making the state that I love a safer place for me to live as a transgender person. While we rightly celebrate […]

Reimagining Transportation in Massachusetts


Agile, iterative, pilot, scrum—these phrases may be common in the world of software development, but one would hardly expect to hear them tossed around the austere marble corridors of state government.  Yet they are common parlance in the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, where a nimble squad of problem-solvers is using every cutting-edge tool in the toolbox […]

Cities and Communities

Considering Consent & The Massachusetts “Upskirting” Trial


BY RORY GERBERG As a female graduate student at the Kennedy School, I use Boston’s public transportation system. Last Wednesday, I wore a skirt. You might ask, was it long or short, loose or tight? Would my answer impact my rights? I consented to wearing an article of clothing and to boarding a bus, not […]

Gender, Race and Identity

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