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HKS Organizing New Admit Day on Friday


By Malik Siraj Akbar, MC-MPA’ 15, Web Editor For the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) students graduating this May who still can’t believe that it is the time to say good bye to this wonderful school, Friday will come with another earnest reminder about the end of this academic year as the School will be hosting […]

Do Not Wish For the Collapse of the Chinese Communist Party: Kishore Mahbubani


By Malik Siraj Akbar, MC-MPA’ 15, Web Editor “What is one thing that will surprise the future generations of historians when China will overtake the United States as the world’s number one power?” asked one of Asia’s top thinkers, Kishore Mahbubani, to a crowded audience at JFK Forum on Wednesday while delivering this year’s Albert […]

One Student’s 25-Year Dream For Harvard Kennedy School


By Malik Siraj Akbar, Web Editor   In 1991, the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) admitted a young Chinese student, Edward Dianhui Dong, for the MPP program. Devoid of financial resources, Dong did not have the money to come to HKS but he, nevertheless, travelled from China to Cambridge to thank the School staff for accepting […]

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