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HKS Organizing New Admit Day on Friday

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By Malik Siraj Akbar, MC-MPA’ 15, Web Editor

For the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) students graduating this May who still can’t believe that it is the time to say good bye to this wonderful school, Friday will come with another earnest reminder about the end of this academic year as the School will be hosting the newly admitted students for the New Admit Day. The newly admitted students at the Kennedy School in different programs come to HKS each year as a part of a grand event to welcome the newly accepted candidates.

While the New Admit Day provides the fresh candidates an opportunity to see the HKS campus, meet with the professors, learn about different centers and interact with current students and network with their future classmates, it is also viewed as a decisive event for most students who have not completely made up their minds whether to come to Harvard or attend another school. The students mostly base their final decisions on the financial assistance they receive from the schools that have offered them admission letters.

The New Admit Day will kick off Friday morning with a breakfast reception at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge at 8:30 a.m. Karen Weaver, Senior Associate Dean for Degree Programs & Student Affairs (DPSA), Patricia Bellinger, Executive Director – Center for Public Leadership, and Mary Beaulieu, Dean of Office of Career Advancement, will speak to the students who have been admitted at MPP, MPA, MC-MPA and MPA-ID programs.

Current students, volunteering under the Dean’s Ambassador Program, will be escorting the newcomers throughout the day. Each Student Ambassador will be assigned to a table during the breakfast and lunch sessions in order to provide more information or answer questions regarding the academic life at the Kennedy School and other logistical issues dealing with the students’ transition to the new academic year.