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The War on Ukraine: Time for a Feminist Foreign Policy?


On February 26, two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, a friend’s roommate took shelter in a bunker in Kyiv. There, she witnessed the birth of a baby boy. Luckily, a doctor was amongst those present. Handing the newborn to the young father, the doctor told him, “The next time you have a baby, I hope […]

International Relations and Security

Airpower and America’s Strategic Competition for Allies


The 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) identifies the “reemergence of long-term, strategic competition” as the central challenge to U.S. national security. But how exactly should we interpret strategic competition, and what role does Airpower play in providing an advantage? “Who” we seem to be competing against has remained largely unchanged over the last quarter century. […]

Ukraine should matter to Americans, even if for selfish reasons


President Joe Biden said on Feb. 15 that supporting Ukraine against Russia matters because it means standing up for what America believes in: liberty and a country’s freedom of choice. He is correct, but some Americans still believe that Ukraine’s struggle with Russia is none of their business. While studying at the Harvard Kennedy School […]

International Relations and Security

The Obama Administration’s Role in Iraqi Violence


BY MATTHEW VIGEANT For the first time in two years, Iraq is back on many Americans’ radars. The media has flashed alerts about Al Qaeda taking over cities in Anbar Province, and death tolls being at their highest since 2008. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration and Congress blame each other for the violence as they debate […]

International Relations and Security

Parsing the Foreign Policy Experts: Five Tips for Separating the Wonks from the Wannabes


BY JONATHAN HILLMAN Would you ask an ophthalmologist to remove your gall bladder? Would you pay a traffic cop for legal advice? Probably not — unless you happen to be that dashing, danger-seeking Dos Equis guy. Yet when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, Americans seem content accepting counsel from dubious sources. Who can blame […]

Authorization Without Appropriation in Syria


BY DAN MCCONNELL As President Obama made the case for military action in Syria Sunday, he was clear that such actions would be proportional in scope, reiterating, “What we are envisioning is something limited.” Now that the President has placed the onus for a decision on the legislature, it is at least as important for […]

International Relations and Security

Nuclear Terrorism: Are You Prepared?


BY KATIE FROST A 10-kiloton nuclear blast in New York City’s Times Square would instantly annihilate everything within half a mile. The shockwave would crumble buildings from Union Square to Central Park, breaking windows up to ten miles away from ground zero. Fires would rage for at least a mile in all directions, indiscriminately destroying […]

International Relations and Security

Rehabilitating Peace in Afghanistan


BY NATALIE BLACK “Tell me this,” Mohammad says. “Why, when NATO has the best technology in the world, does it allow its bombs to kill innocent Afghan civilians?” I do not get the chance to answer. He continues, “Why does NATO go into people’s houses at night? Why does it kill people when they are […]

International Relations and Security

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