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Reclaiming Our Identity Is Reclaiming Our Dignity


People of Afro-Japanese heritage like me (I am Ghanaian-Japanese) are not considered “true” Japanese due to our darker complexion. People like me are often bullied at school or made to feel like foreigners in our own country. However, we represent Japan too; we are becoming more visible and growing in number. From Naomi Osaka, the […]

I Love who I Have Become


The pandemic has been emotionally overwhelming and transformative – both for personal and professional reasons. There was so much uncertainty about the future and our agency in how we could lead our lives that it was really important to deal with the situation head on. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many family members and […]

Claiming My Identity’s Journey


This piece is a continuation of the Anti-Racism Policy Journal’s collaboration with Collateral Benefits.

Interview with Dr. Joseph Agyepong, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group of Companies


During his recent visit at Harvard University, Dr. Joseph Agyepong, one of Ghana’s most successful businessmen answered APJ’s questions.

Business and Regulation

Op-Ed: To effectively combat COVID-19, Africa needs to play offense


I am worried about Africa’s preparedness for the COVID-19 outbreak, and so should everybody else. As at the beginning of March, there were only four cases in Africa spread across Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. Since then, at least 46 out of 54 countries in Africa have reported cases of COVID-19. On March 28 2020, roughly four […]


The “Year of Return” and the unintended consequences for Ghanaians


Ghana’s “Year of Return”, by its very nature, was bound to gain a considerable amount of positive press in the United States. The campaign encouraged descendants of the African diaspora to visit and invest in Ghana. For African Americans who struggle to locate their ancestral roots, the “Year of Return” provided a fresh opportunity to […]

Development and Economic Growth

The Invisible Work of Girls: Inside the Life of Female Child Labor in Ghana


  *The names of the subjects in this article have been changed to protect their identity. A heavy stench of sewage permeates the air where 11-year-old Amina roams in search of change. With tattered sandals and stained clothing nearly sliding off her frail frame, she entertains herself by kicking dust on a busy, trash-filled street […]

#PepperDemMinistries: A Digital Afrocentric Approach to Feminism


  In early Fall 2017, the husband of Ghanaian entertainer Afia Schwarzenegger uploaded videos of what appeared to be Schwarzenegger engaging in an extramarital affair. Ghana’s digital publics swiftly demonized her. That September, several women used the hashtag #MenAreTheirOwnEnemies to expose the misogyny pervading media coverage of the Schwarzenegger affair. Regardless of the facts of […]

Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Sustainable Development of a Ghanaian Integrated Aluminum Industry


In Ghana, President Nana Akufo-Addo’s Integrated Aluminum Industry Plan (the “Plan”) has sparked a contentious debate about how to exploit bauxite – the primary ore used to make aluminum – in a manner that will not jeopardize the country’s sustainable development. The Plan calls for the construction of mines to triple bauxite output, facilities, such […]

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