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The Unveiling of the Librazone : Are the Similarities Between Libra and the Eurozone a Coincidence?


After a decade of amassing influence, Facebook has unveiled another way to remain a financial heavyweight not only for digital markets, but for society. On June 18, Mark Zuckerberg announced the birth of a new form of blockchain-backed cryptocurrency dubbed “Libra”—a potential monetary revolution that’s raised eyebrows, particularly in the wake of the numerous data […]

Science, Technology and Data

How Democrats Can Win in 2018 with Behavioral Science


BY ROBERT REYNOLDS In 1840, Abraham Lincoln authored a plan for the Whig party to win the upcoming election: “watch on the doubtful voters, and from time to time have them talked to by those in whom they have the most confidence.” Democrats need a similar plan today. If liberals and conservatives voted at the […]

We Need to Talk About Bereavement Leave


Last spring brought a glimmer of hope to an issue that Canada neglects: bereavement leave. Facebook announced an unprecedented leap forward, providing employees with 20 days paid leave to grieve the loss of an immediate family member, and 10 days for extended family members. It has been much discussed that this policy was at least […]

Education, Training and Labor
Turkey Wikipedia ban screenshot

Wikipedia is the latest victim of Turkey’s information blackout


Turkey’s Wikipedia ban is not an isolated incident. It’s just the most recent martyr in the government’s ongoing war against information.


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