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The Rise of the Global South: Can South–South Cooperation Reshape Development?


The increasing humanitarian consequences of climate change and the global refugee crisis have disproportionately affected developing countries.

The Regional Governance of Genetically Modified Crops: What Does the Future Hold for ECOWAS?


Since the first genetically modified (“GM”), or biotech crop was released onto the market for human consumption in 1994, African countries have been largely adverse to the crops. Only four African countries have, at some point in time, permitted GM crops to enter their markets.[1] However, with the help of the Economic Community of West […]

Development and Economic Growth
Syrian refugee children - Mafraq, Jordan - UN Photo/Mark Garten.

Worsening gaps in education for Syrian refugees: Lessons from the early education response in Jordan


As the Syrian refugee crisis continues, reflecting on educational provision for refugee children in Jordan demands a move beyond the crisis approach.

Distant Neighbors: Innovative Approaches to Development across Geographies


BY STEFAN NORGAARD On a cold December afternoon in 2017, I step inside the offices of Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), run by Marty Chen of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. I am immediately transported. Photographs from around the world fill this warm, colorful space. On the […]

The Case for Chinese Aid: Why It Complements, Not Displaces, Western Aid


 BY HAIYANG ZHANG In China’s recent 19th Party Congress, President Xi Jinping spoke confidently about blazing “a new trail for other developing countries to achieve modernization” and providing “a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development.”[1] China increasingly asserts itself as an important development partner to other developing […]

Can the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Bring Equity through Infrastructure?


BY MAX NATHANSON The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will change Pakistan. CPEC — a proposed network of highways, power plants, and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) worth a reported $62 billion — is set to bring Pakistan more than double the entire volume of foreign direct investment that the country received since 2008. But who, exactly, […]

Education Policy Reform: A Catalyst for Innovation in Developing Countries


BY BILAL CHAUDHARY Stimulating domestic innovation is crucial for developing countries. Innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking can accelerate the pace of poor countries’ development, reducing their reliance on aid and enhancing their capacity to participate in a rapidly changing global economy. For development to succeed, innovation cannot be solely the domain of the rich and […]

Rich Country or Poor Country, Invest in Infrastructure


How can we pursue faster, more resilient growth when economies are weighed down by structural deficiencies across the board? Infrastructure investment.

Voice & Violence: Making Public Security Work for the Global Poor


BY GRANT TUDOR AND JUSTIN WARNER Last year, Human Rights Watch shared a story about Michelle, a 57 year-old Zimbabwean who had recently lost her husband. Soon after, she lost her harvest, her farm, and, finally, her home. Michelle’s in-laws had carried out the confiscations, physically restraining her while they ransacked her property. The event […]

Want to Fix the Development Sector? Stop Calling it “Development”


BY ANIKA MANZOOR The international development sector, like many other sectors under the Trump Administration, is undergoing some deep soul-searching as US foreign aid faces significant cuts. From a former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees official calling the humanitarian system “broken” to our newly-appointed USAID Administrator’s blatant aversion to handouts, development practitioners in the […]

A False Bargain: Does financing autocrats bring about development?


BY GRANT TUDOR A World Bank country manager referred to Uganda’s progress in reducing poverty as “an African success story.” This was a common refrain a decade ago, when extreme poverty fell sharply and the HIV epidemic ground to a near halt. Strangely, though, the comment came last year. Uganda’s income inequality is now among […]

One-Dollar Village: The Nepal Earthquake A Year Later


BY SAMIK ADHIKARI Kami Chiri Sherpa had high hopes for himself and his family. He dreamed of leaving his job as a trekking guide in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal for a job in Poland, where he could make more money and provide his family with a better life. A couple of years ago, he […]

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