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Between a rock and a hard place: The energy transition in Mexico as a consumer


In 2022, Naturgy — Mexico City’s natural gas monopoly — left me without service for three weeks. Working in the renewable energy sector, I knew what to do: end the gas contract and get both an electric stove and a water heater. That is the recipe I share in any energy transition report: “electrify” to […]

Environment and Energy

Busting the Cycle: Forming Clean Energy Markets in Oil-Dependent States


Calls for a green industrial revolution and transition away from greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting forms of energy are anything but novel. The newest to make the call is the International Energy Agency (IEA), which calls in a 2021 report for immediately halting oil and gas development and achieving net-zero emissions from electricity generation by 2040.1 […]

Environment and Energy

Exxon and the Inevitable Decline of Fossil Fuels


The reality of climate change, and fossil fuels’ inescapable role in it, means the end of the fossil fuel industry is inevitable. But, how we transition away from fossil fuels is just as important as when. 

Driving the Future of Future Driving: Scaling Up Adoption of Electric Vehicles in China


BY JACK GAO AND DIANA ZHOU Imagine a world where cars operate on electricity alone. Cars are silent, engineless, odorless. Gas stations are replaced by individual electric charging stations located in homes, offices, and shopping mall parking lots. Roads and pavement use friction technology to charge cars as they drive. In dense urban metropolises like […]

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