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How Democrats Can Win in 2019 with Behavioral Science: Ditch CTV Pledges for Vote Tripling Pledges


Democrats should ditch commit-to-vote (CTV) pledges for vote tripling pledges.  BY ROBERT REYNOLDS Instead of asking Democrats to commit to vote, campaigns should ask them to pledge to get three friends to vote. Relative to commit-to-vote (CTV) pledges, new evidence suggests voters like ‘vote tripling’ pledges more and that these pledges more effectively increase voter […]

Vote Bundling and Vote Tripling: Innovative GOTV Tactics


BY ROBERT REYNOLDS Let’s say “Debbie the Democrat” is running for the US House of Representatives. Debbie knows she can win votes through personal contact with constituents. However, because doing this through typical methods like door knocking is time-intensive, her consultants insist she prioritize using TV ads and mailers to reach voters at scale. As […]

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