The UN-defined European region consists is composed of land from Eastern, Western, Central, and Southeast Europe, and includes Russia.

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Steering the AI Transition: The Case for More Employee Ownership


If you google “AI” in the news these days, it is hard to find a story that is not focused on existential risk of omnipotent AI fully erasing humanity. While I do not buy into the doomsayer’s worst-case scenarios, my experience as an AI advisor to business executives and policy makers tells me this time is different.

Business and Regulation

Blockchain Contracts: Too Smart To Be Regulated?


Any transaction on a blockchain requires the use of a contract that is itself encoded on a blockchain: a “smart contract.” Blockchain users unfortunately often discover that this so-called smart contract is not as smart as it seems.

Science, Technology and Data

Interview with Karen Donfried: Russia-Ukraine War


On April 12, 2024, HKS Student Policy Review Senior Editor John McQuillan spoke with Karen Donfried, former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

International Relations and Security

Ukrainian Heroism Amidst U.S. Political Challenges


The framing of the war in Ukraine as a U.S.-Russia proxy war has ultimately put the lives of over 40 million people at risk, as well as threatened the safety and security of the European continent.

International Relations and Security

George Orwell’s Dystopian World is Coming to Life and the European AI Act Will Not Stop It: The Collection of Emotional Data by AI


As AI-based emotion recognition systems proliferate with little regulation, our feelings are transformed into data that can manipulate us, threatening a dystopian future where our mental privacy no longer exists.

Science, Technology and Data

Stable Signatures: An Effective Route to Regulating AI-Generated Child Sex Abuse Material 


In fall 2023, more than 20 young girls in a small town in southern Spain were targets of naked deep-fake images. Stable signatures may provide a solution.

Business and Regulation

Bridging the Information Gap: AI, Misinformation, and Global Education Reform


“For every dollar and every minute we invest in improving AI, we would be wise to invest a dollar and a minute in exploring and developing human consciousness.” —Yuval Noah Harari1 In June 2020, the veritable explosion of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted more than 130 countries to issue a statement on the burgeoning […]

Superhumans Center: How One Prosthetics Clinic is Rebuilding Ukraine


More than 400 days ago, 39-year-old Petro Buriak was driving a truck abroad and dreaming about playing dolls with his 5-year-old daughter when his route brought him home to Ukraine. That all changed for Buriak and 41 million Ukrainians when Russian President Vladimir Putin did the unthinkable and launched a full-scale war in Ukraine on […]

If You Want Peace, Prepare for War: 5 Steps Toward Building New European Capacities in the Age of Economic and Political Instability


Si vis pacem para bellum – if you want peace, prepare for war. For too long, Europe has ignored this fundamental Latin adage. As Russia’s war in Ukraine has made abundantly clear, Europe is still dependent on the United States as a guarantor of the continent’s security and as a deterrent to Russian aggression. Without […]

Interview with Dr. Youssef Chahed


On February 28, 2023, Ryan Zoellner sat down with Dr. Youssef Chahed (Former Prime Minister of Tunisia) to discuss world events and international relations.

International Relations and Security

Fight Like a Girl: Russian Feminists Leading the Resistance Against the Invasion of Ukraine


Abstract In a patriarchal country like Russia with “traditional” values endorsed by the official Kremlin propaganda, the first organized group[i] to confront the government after Putin’s declaration of the invasion of Ukraine was paradoxically comprised of feminists. Within 24 hours, they mobilized to form the Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAR). For an embarrassingly long time, they […]

Gender, Race and Identity

In Europe, New Geopolitical Ambitions and Fiscal Reform Go Hand in Hand


On 23 December 2021, Emmanuel Macron and Mario Draghi published an open letter calling for a reform of European fiscal rules. This was welcome political weight on a sensitive issue, which was to be discussed by member states at the technical level this year. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February has transfixed the […]

International Relations and Security

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