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Journal of Middle Eastern Politics & Policy

Topic / Democracy and Governance

Podcast: Corruption charges against Netanyahu and updates from Syria

In our first story on this week’s episode we discuss the history of corruption charges against Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders. Next, we discuss the Turkish military’s attack on a Syrian convoy heading to reinforce YPG forces in Afrin. Finally, we discuss an underreported story of U.S. strikes killing hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria. If you want more information on any of these stories check out the articles we recommend below.

For an overview of the charges that the Israeli police have recommended against Netanyahu we recommend Time’s account of the charges  and an analysis of the situation from JMEPP.

For an updated on the recent Turkish attacks against the Syrian convoy headed towards Afrin we recommend the Financial Times coverage. If you’ would like to read a more in-depth analysis of the history between Assad and the Kurds in Syria we recommend this analysis piece from Reuters.

We also recommend the Bloomberg article that first reported the story of the U.S. strikes hitting Russian mercenaries in Syria, as well as a more detailed history of Russia’s use of private contractors in Syria from the Los Angeles Times.

The reporting in this week’s podcast was done by Nicholas Norberg, Theo Wye, Blaire Byg, and Mohamad Saleh.