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Opinions in the Forum: HKS on gambling in Massachusetts

HKS ForumThe Citizen solicited feedback from students in the forum on the following question: What’s your reaction to the Massachusetts House passing a bill licensing casino gambling?


“I see no problem. There will be regulations to minimize the negative effects.”

Manuela C. Faria


“There are pros and cons. It’s a huge source of revenue, but must be regulated.”

Hermi Lokko


“I’m against it. The difference between the image of a casino and real life is stark. Most people are there because they feel like they need to win money, not because they’re having fun.”

Jose Soegaard


“I’m against. Slot parlors attract people who can least afford it.”

Paul Thomas


“On the face of it, having more casinos sounds like an okay idea. It does bring in revenue for the state.”

Melissa Galvez


“I’m divided. I’ve seen personally the devastating effects gambling can have on people’s lives. But there’s something to be said for free will.”

Matt Mabe