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Dean David Ellwood responds to Harvard dissertation on immigrant IQ

The following statement was released by Harvard Kennedy School Dean David Ellwood on Friday:

“I most certainly understand that this issue, as reported, troubles many people.  In response I offer three thoughts.  First, the views and conclusions of any graduate of this school are theirs alone, and do not represent the views of Harvard or the Kennedy School.  Second, all Ph.D. dissertations are reviewed by a committee of scholars.  In this case, the committee consisted of three highly respected and discerning faculty members who come from diverse intellectual traditions.   Finally and most importantly, it is vital that an active and open debate of ideas occur in Universities and beyond them.  Scholars and others who disagree with particular ideas or methods or who are unhappy with conclusions can and must openly engage in reasoned discussion and criticism, after looking fully and carefully at the work.  It is through ongoing vigorous give and take that good ideas will ultimately emerge and weaker ones can be displaced.”
–David T. Ellwood
Dean, Harvard Kennedy School