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The Citizen

Create Reality

By Simon Bone, Editor-in-Chief

Lazily crossing the Charles on a briskly cutting morn as translucent currents ebb and flow beneath. Drinking drenched in late sunshine in a Cambridge terrace. Engulfed by books and the distant low chatter of night-time fluorescent lighting.

Congratulations. You made it. The full realisation has still to sink in. Your friends and family have started to look at you differently . Some have already started to drop the “H”-word when referring to your name.

You hear differing reports of the time you will endure. Some rumours say the hard part was getting in and few ever get asked to leave (always touch wood). Others that to study at this high level means pushing yourself to limits until you break and fall.

Friends. In times of greatest anxiety, remember back. Remember to the times of tension in your past. How simple they would seem if you could but journey back. All this now is but more of the same. Just a gateway to the next stage of your life’s progression.

A degree is nothing on its own. This Institution’s name garners prestige but not by itself. But by association with those who have gone before and what they have achieved.