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The Worst-Kept Open Secret: Sexual Abuse Crimes Perpetrated by UN Peacekeepers: We need criminal accountability, not guidelines, and blind eyes.


Introduction We have heard how rape is used as a weapon or tactic of war[i], but it is time to ask if sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) is a weapon of the United Nations (UN) peacekeepers? The UN received approximately 2,000 SEA allegations perpetrated by UN peacekeepers between 2004 and 2014.[ii] In 2003, Kofi Annan, […]

Shifting the Focus from Weapons to Women: Reimagining Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


In this article, Bryn de Chastelain explores the benefits of gender-sensitive reintegration efforts within DDR programmes in DRC.

Quintessence of Macroeconomic Uncertainty in the DR Congo


Since 2015, the DR Congo, a major rent-based economy in Africa, has embarked into macroeconomic turbulence with significant inflationary pressures and a severe exchange rate depression, partly due to a commodities slump. The economic downturn has contributed to strengthening the acute social crisis. The country is a fragile state on the edge, a product of […]


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