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The Citizen

When push comes to shove.. who will you believe?

A raw and emotional response to the Kavanaugh hearings

Oh yes , here it is
When push comes to shove

The hope that it is better in some part of the world – gone
The beauty that hope creates
Aspiring to a better place
Something that someday India could be
How do you know where to work towards
When a perfect doesn’t exist
When even a near equal world doesn’t exist

Irrespective of all that is taught and all that is said in the public
For all the #MeeToo’s and others
The bottomline is
When push comes to shove
The old world reigns
Even in countries where this battle was at least thought to have been fought
well and progress made

How do you reconcile with the realization that there is little practical
difference between a Saudi and a US when push comes to shove on women
That when it matters, we elect pussy grabbing presidents
That when it matters, we dismiss her credibility with it wasn’t him or he was
too young
That when it matters, her testimony needs support and not his

How is this any different to systems that actually equate 2 women’s testimony
to a man’s
Just that they’re more in your face

Now I would rather prefer that a system
A system that is at least misogynist to your face
Rather than making you live in a bubble
But slowly and suddenly make it clear
You don’t matter as much
Your voice doesn’t matter as much

The only way to possibly end this with a solution
Is to say that this should give us renewed energy to fight
To know that gains made are superficial
That the ‘at least it started a conversation’ hasn’t led us anywhere
That we need to fight longer, fight harder for a new solution
A solution that actually changes the status quo

But with what has happened, with what I heard today
Fighting just doesn’t seem like an option right now

So for now, I’ll just sit and sulk
In a world that showed me this hope that equality could exist
Or that we haven’t lost our moral agency enough to choose partisan/other
beliefs over assault But alas today is not that day
There is nothing to celebrate today
No silver lining to look for