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The Citizen

When Politicians Attack

Simon R. Bone, Editor-In-Chief

The current political stalemate in Washington has made headlines around the world and possibly threatens a global economic  recession.

The Republicans are correct in their assertion that debt is at too high a level but they neglect to mention that it was the last GOP administration who drove up that spending. Likewise the Democrats have done a poor job in explaining their necessary but confusing healthcare reforms to the people.

Politics in the United States, as across the world, have become too polarised and the media plays a part in stoking this fire. Fights generate viewers and readers. Working well together does not.  I was at a gathering of Young Republicans in DC last weekend and many were openly embarrassed about their party and the death of liberal views within their party. We know that the political structure  in this country does not really support the success of a third party but if there was ever a time one was needed it is now.

We should always remember that, both in our time at the Kennedy School and in future political careers, we can achieve nothing without working with others. regardless of their views and beliefs.