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The Pulse of Public Service – Public Service Week ’15!

In collaboration with the Dean’s Office, research centers, programs, offices, and other student groups, the Student Public Service Collaborative (SPSC) is organizing the annual Public Service Week from 23rd to 28th February 2015. The theme this year is ‘The Pulse of Public Service.’  With talks, drives, volunteering projects, and networking, you’ll be sure to find something of interest!

While the full calendar can be found on (and on the next page!), The Citizen caught up with some SPSC members to talk about the projects that excited them most. Here are some of their choices:

sErica Kelly (MPP1):

On Friday, HKS gives back to the larger community through HKS Serves. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for faculty, staff and students alike, ranging from pruning trees in the great outdoors to hosting a bingo game, and serving lunch to community members facing homelessness. I am personally extremely excited for this event, and look forward to seeing the new connections that come out of it – both between HKS members and the larger community, and within HKS itself!






molly_jacobsonMolly Jacobson (MPP1):

Our last weekday event is the annual Networking Night with HKS alums working in public service, on Friday the 27th. Students interested in public services careers can make some new connections with both alums and peers. We’re going to have a great space (the Malkin Penthouse), delicious food, and even better company!







tat-seng_chiamTat-Seng Chiam (MPA1):

On Saturday, February 28th, approximately 65 underprivileged high school students from across Boston will come to HKS to attend the annual Youth Leadership Conference. They will participate in workshops led by HKS professors and students, spanning a range of topics, including Negotiations, the Arts of Communication, Lobbying and Public Narrative. There will also be a college admissions panel with first generation college students from Harvard College. The YLC team is incredibly excited for the students to attend, not just to help them develop skills, but also because we hope that their time spent on campus with students, will help expand the scope of what participants believe possible for themselves and their peers. The YLC team is looking for members of the HKS community who are willing to spend their lunchtime interacting with the students, so drop us an email if you’re interested!








andrea_sorceAndrea Sorce (MPA/ID1):

A bone marrow transplant is the only hope for survival for many blood cancer patients, but it is difficult to find a match, and patients rely on the Be the Match Registry to find donors. I love this cause because many people have not heard of it and it is so quick and easy to support — just 5-10 minutes to sign up for the registry. Only about 1 in 500 registrants is ever matched with a patient, but if you are one of the lucky few, you could save a life.