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Voice & Violence: Making Public Security Work for the Global Poor


BY GRANT TUDOR AND JUSTIN WARNER Last year, Human Rights Watch shared a story about Michelle, a 57 year-old Zimbabwean who had recently lost her husband. Soon after, she lost her harvest, her farm, and, finally, her home. Michelle’s in-laws had carried out the confiscations, physically restraining her while they ransacked her property. The event […]

Tunisia flags

Tunisia’s long path to democracy


Six years ago, Tunisians succeeded in changing the course of history – but low trust and political participation could thwart its democratic transition.

Democracy and Governance
Syrian refugees in Turkey

Four innovative approaches to the Syrian refugee crisis


The number of refugees is at its highest-ever level, at more than 20 million worldwide. The Syrian civil war is the biggest source of refugees today, and neighboring countries Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey bear much of the brunt. Syrian refugees now represent roughly 20% of Lebanon’s population, which has put enormous strains on the small […]

Human Rights

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