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Co-owning Care Work: Policy for Parity


For every 5 hours the average Indian woman spends on unpaid care work in a day, a man spends half an hour—a ratio over three times the global average.[i] Changing this ratio can dismantle entrenched gender roles and arrest the declining participation of women in India’s paid workforce. Alarmingly, between 2006 and 2021, India’s female […]

How a Tweak by the SEC Could Help Address Gender and Racial Pay Gaps


A mantra we hear almost daily from corporate titans everywhere is, “People are our most valuable resource.” There is evidence to back up this claim. In 1975, 83% of the value of an S&P 500 company was tied to its physical assets. By 2015, that statistic had completely inverted, and human capital represented 84% of […]

Woman helps a young girl cut food, in front of them is a table with glasses and a bowl of food

Alleviating the Impacts of Covid-19 on Women through Economic Development: A Personal Perspective 


In October 2021, the Biden Administration released its National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality.[1] In recognition of the barriers that prevent those who identify as women, primarily women of color and trans women, from achieving their full potential, it established the White House Gender Policy Council to execute ten interconnected and intersectional priorities core […]

Is Shared Parental Leave in the UK doing more harm than good?


Shared Parental Leave allows UK parents to split maternity leave between both parents. But does the policy give parents the flexibility and financial security needed?

Work-Family Policy and Its Impact on Mothers in the United States


The United States remains behind its’ global economic peers in providing work-family policy that supports parents maintaining their professional status without sacrificing family responsibilities[i]. This has been particularly damaging to American women, who continue to take on the majority of domestic household duties[ii] and are more likely to sacrifice careers to compensate for family needs […]

Building a Policy Agenda for the Future of Work


Fear of increased automation in work has undoubtedly caught the public interest. From international organizations to multinational corporations and TV shows, there have been numerous attempts to predict the impacts that automation will have on the economy – especially within labor markets. Analysing the Future of Work is, however, more than just measuring the net […]

Dads can close the gender pay gap


Want to close the gender pay gap? Get men to look after their kids. BY ELLIOTT JAMES In the past 50 years, we’ve seen millions of American women join the workforce, deployed 300,000 to Iraq and Afghanistan, sent hundreds to Congress, appointed four to the Supreme Court and launched 40 into space. Which for some […]

Karoshi and Japan’s Work Style Reform


BY YUSAKU KAWASHIMA Working conditions in Japan are widely regarded as severely demanding. In fact, there is even a Japanese word, karoshi, that means “death from overwork,” with its own Wikipedia entry.[1] However, as someone who has worked in Japan for more than ten years, I wonder how much of the country’s actual working situation […]

Kara Tepe Refugee Camp

Searching for Dignity and Work in Kara Tepe Refugee Camp


BY WEN HOE If you visited Kara Tepe on a Saturday night, you might not guess it is a refugee camp. The main hall bursts with music, men and women dance in white pants and colorful robes, and teens tussle in a three-on-three soccer match outside. A cool breeze carries the day’s heat away from […]

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