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UNDER PRESSURE: The Mental Toll of Online Abuse on Women in Politics


In this article, Gergana Tzvetkova highlights the need for effective legislation and original and inclusive policies, which will help counter gendered disinformation and online abuse against woment in politics.

The War on Ukraine: Time for a Feminist Foreign Policy?


On February 26, two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, a friend’s roommate took shelter in a bunker in Kyiv. There, she witnessed the birth of a baby boy. Luckily, a doctor was amongst those present. Handing the newborn to the young father, the doctor told him, “The next time you have a baby, I hope […]

International Relations and Security

No More Stolen Sisters: America’s Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women


In the early 1600s, a 15-year-old Native American girl was kidnapped from her home in what is now called Virginia. She was raped and forced to marry an English adult, a process in which she had to convert to Christianity and adopt the name Rebecca. Ultimately, she died under mysterious circumstances in England, with some […]

#MeToo Explained: Ending “Boys Will Be Boys” Culture


BY EVELYN NAM When Dr. Ford was asked what she remembers to be the worst about her experience of sexual assault, she responded: “the laughter – the boys laughing at me at my expense.” A few days later, the President of the United States made a punchline of Dr. Ford at a rally, and thousands […]

A Woman’s Policy Guide to the Trump Administration


BY MARYROSE MAZZOLA It’s now been over a month since Election Day. If you’re a progressive voter like me, you’ve probably cried (potentially on public transportation), read at least a dozen think pieces about how this happened, and rage donated your heart out. All of that is cathartic – and necessary, given the role that […]

Better Sex Education for Boys Would Reduce Violence Against Women


BY NYASHA WEINBERG Sex education at my school was a joke. It consisted of an awkward encounter between a bald geography teacher, a banana, and a condom. There was no mention of consent. The class didn’t tackle any of the problems that arise in relationships: resolving differences of opinion, dealing with emotions, or what to […]

Education, Training and Labor

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