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A Call for Vaccine Equity


The rhetoric surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine has been optimistic, suggesting that it will end the pandemic and bring the US back to “normal.” Yet… we are already seeing a process that will systematically favor those with access and resources.

Whitaker Appointment Exposes Fundamental Flaws in the Appointments System


BY AMANDA PATARINO The day after the midterm elections, President Trump announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was resigning and that Matthew G. Whitaker would become the acting attorney general. Initial outcry focused on the fact that Whitaker would oversee the Mueller investigation, but discussions quickly shifted to the constitutionality of his appointment. While Trump […]

What’s in a Name: Earth Day and the EPA


BY LIZ HANSON Defining the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems like it should be fairly straightforward. It’s right there in the name: an agency to protect the environment. Of course, in a world of complex costs and benefits, and increasingly intense partisan rhetoric, nothing is quite so simple. Yet, I was still […]

Environment and Energy

Why Calling China a Currency Manipulator in 2017 Misses the Mark


BY HAIYANG ZHANG The Trump Administration recently retracted its promise to label China as a currency manipulator—and rightly so. While there was merit to such a claim ten or twenty years ago, labeling China a currency manipulator in 2017 simply misses the mark. In its semiannual foreign exchange report presented to the Congress on April […]

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