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Flame Bearers with Becky Sauerbrunn (USA): Soccer and Equal Pay


Flame Bearers: The Women Athletes Carrying Tokyo’s Torch brings 2021 female Olympians’ and Paralympians’ experiences to life, giving them a platform of celebration and an opportunity to share their learnings. Its purpose is to provide opportunity for both athletes and listeners alike: For women Olympians and Paralympians to share their dreams, struggles, and lessons of mental […]

The Non-Feminist Case for Higher Pay for the USWNT


The USWNT doesn’t just deserve equal pay: they deserve higher pay, because they are the team we enjoy watching the most.

Timeout on the Winter Olympics


The Winter Games don’t deserve to be Olympic Games. BY JORDAN WARD, PANGYRUS This article is being published in collaboration with Pangyrus.   The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a problem. With Stockholm, Krakow, and now Lviv pulling out of the running to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, they’ve been left with slim pickings. […]

International Relations and Security

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