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Invisible Walls: The Hyper-Density of Colombian Cities and What It Means to You


Bogota is 13 times denser than New York City.[1] Colombian cities are 100 percent denser than the global average and 126 percent denser than cities in Latin America.[2] Until now, the consensus has been that the largest determinants of density are population and income. An increase in population increases demand around an economic hub, increasing […]

Cities and Communities

Latin American Cities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Potential and Social Risks of Smart-Cities Technologies


Abstract In the wake of the implementation of smart-city technologies in Latin American cities, this article reviews both their potential for making municipal administration and local service delivery more efficient and the risk they pose, particularly to vulnerable communities. Based on the literature and the international experience on the social and policy effects of algorithmic […]

Science, Technology and Data

(Un)smart Barrios. Should the implementation of Smart Cities be supported in Latin America?


Imagine a modern city of sleek infrastructure offering the latest technological amenities for its citizens such as sensor crosswalks, free internet, electric traffic monitors, and other futuristic features. This vision of utopia is slowly, but steadily, coming into fruition in several urban cities, most notably in Singapore, Seoul, and New York. Plans to integrate smart […]

Science, Technology and Data

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