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The Enabler of Maladies: Should Patents Exist for Pandemic Cures?


In approximately 500 B.C., The Greek city of Sybaris encouraged inventors to register their creations with a grant of monopoly for one year. Thus began human civilization’s practice of patenting, a system that is now synonymous with free markets. Now as the world waits with bated breath for a pharmaceutical lab to develop a vaccine […]

The U.S. Must Join Others in Regulating Embryo Selection


BY RYAN CARTERS When my wife’s grandmother and aunt died from breast cancer, no one knew it was linked to a hereditary BRCA2 gene mutation. My wife was luckier. She found out in her twenties, and opted for a double mastectomy to reduce her risks. The next generation may have less cause to worry; it […]


More Than “What”: Why Science and Technology Studies Would Benefit Policy Students


BY JESSICA CUSSINS The Harvard Kennedy School encourages us to ask what we can do. At a time when a U.S. government shutdown is an ongoing and legitimate concern, the importance of getting things done should not be underestimated. But as graduate students taking time away from the confines of the workplace, we are in […]

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