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This Thanksgiving, Decolonize Your Bookshelf: A Reading List of Native American Women


Every year, as the leaves turn and the temperature drops, school children across the United States learn the story of the first Thanksgiving. They bring home construction paper turkeys, alongside tales of friendship, alliance, and the “Indians” welcoming the pilgrims to their land. Here begins a fundamental misunderstanding of our country’s history – one that […]

Toward an LGBTQ+ Inclusive History Curriculum in Massachusetts


  In my senior year of high school, I spent months gathering everything I could find on LGBTQ+ history for a research presentation. As the day approached, I panicked. It wasn’t that I feared my classmates would explicitly belittle me during the presentation, but rather a feeling of isolation. No one had ever spoken about […]

Reprogramming the Patriarchy: Combatting Gender Bias in Machine Learning


  The media narrative on artificial intelligence (AI) is not far removed from the plot of a science-fiction movie: robots will one day become smarter than the humans who created them, leading to cataclysmic events we cannot control. While this scenario depicts the risks that AI may pose in the future, a more immediate threat […]

Building America’s Backbench: Electing Women to the State House


The 2016 elections dealt a crushing blow to women. But in its wake, a new urgency and optimism emerged. After the elections, over 26,000 women reached out to the pro-choice political action committee, EMILY’s List for help launching a campaign, about thirty times more women than in the previous cycle. A record number of women […]

When Parity Is Not Enough: Sexual Violence in India’s Armed Conflict


  In October 2018, the Supreme Court of India turned down a plea by the Central and Chhattisgarh governments to adjourn a case challenging the retention of members of a banned tribal[1] militia in official state forces. The governments justified their appeal on the grounds that the matter was “sensitive” and could affect the results […]

Female Representation and US City Managers: The Stubborn 14.4 Percent


  In November 2018, Sheryl Sculley retired as San Antonio’s City Manager after 13 years in the position. Her replacement, chosen by San Antonio’s City Council, was Erik Walsh. The story was covered by local news with little fanfare – a 40-year management veteran to be replaced by a 24-year management veteran. But this event […]

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