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Underneath the “Yellow Vests” Movement in France: Great Confusion, a Cultural War, and Many Questions


BY HENRI BREBANT January 19th was the 10th consecutive Saturday that the “Yellow Vests” protested in France. The movement started in October 2018 with a viral video, a change.org petition and some Facebook events that pushed 290,000 people[i] into the streets and onto the roundabouts. Unstructured and distancing itself from political parties and unions, the […]

Political Prosecution by Chinese Authorities: Will Hong Kong enjoy political and legal autonomy in the future?


BY JASON HUNG The “bookstore incidents” In January 2018, Hong Kong-based Swedish Chinese publisher, Gui Minhai, was snatched by mainland Chinese authorities in Ningbo, China. Supposedly, Gui was on his way to Sweden’s consulate in Shanghai to renew his Swedish passport. It was the second time Gui went missing in two and a half years. […]

Democracy and Governance

From deadlock to deadline: Iraq’s new government faces pressure to reform


Newly minted President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi have one year to enact reform on pressing domestic issues, especially utility services and unemployment. If the government fails to implement changes, it may face another series of popular uprisings.

The Sound and the Fury: Armenia’s Awakening Symphony of Pots and Ladles


By VARYA MERUZHANYAN For over a century, April has been a moment of a deafening silence for Armenians. Every year, on April 24, Armenians around the world pause to commemorate the 1.5 million victims of the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire. This year, however, the silence was broken by the loud sounds of vuvuzelas […]

The IMF and economic injustice in Tunisia


When Tunisians took to the streets in protest in early January, the target of popular anger seemed clear: the democratically-elected Tunisian government, which had voted in December to pass the controversial 2018 Finance Law that went into effect on January 1. Most saliently, the public was becoming increasingly aware that the Finance Law was not crafted solely by Tunisia’s elected representatives – the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has loaned Tunisia massive sums of money since 2011, contributed heavily to the legislation.

Trump’s Executive Order Attacks the America I Know and Love


BY SHANOOR SEERVAI In this moment, America is not mine. It cannot be—it is not like anything I have seen. I came here in 2007, one year before Barack Obama was elected our president. Our president, because America was mine then. Not mine in passport—I’m an Indian citizen—but in what I believe is worth fighting […]


Why I Joined the Women’s March on Washington


BY BRYNNA QUILLIN “Flight attendants, please prepare for landing.” As the ground got closer and closer, I start hoping that perhaps the flight would last just a little longer. I am flying into Washington, DC on President Trump’s Inauguration Day for the Women’s March on Washington. The Inauguration began when I was in the air, […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Playing Hooky: Boston Students Cut Class to Teach a Civics Lesson


  BY CHANTE LANTOS-SWETT On Monday, March 7, at 11:30 a.m., more than 3,000 students from schools all across the Boston Public School District stood up from their desks and joined their peers in front of the State House to protest a proposed $50 million cut to the 2016-2017 school year budget. Armed with protest […]

We all live in Bhopal: Global Protest Against Corporate Impunity


BY SHASHANK SHEKHAR SHUKLA As the city slept, the killer silently crept in. From the windows, doors, ledges and crevices, it came in silently, slaughtering not just hundreds but hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. The killer’s name was methyl isocyanate, and in 4 hours it instantly killed 8,000 people and maimed another 200,000. At […]

Business and Regulation

The Revolution Will Not Be Available on iTunes


BY SEAN KATES The millennium could have started better for Americans. We saw the nation voluntarily enter two wars costly in terms both monetary and human. An ineffective government response exacerbated one environmental disaster, while private cupidity and stupidity caused another. Promises of universal home ownership crashed down around us, aided by slick financial creations […]

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