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Latin America’s New and Old Challenges, an Interview with Mauricio Cárdenas


Former Minister Mauricio Cardenas responded to the questions formulated by LAPJ Editor-in-Chief Cesar Pabon on 25 January 2020. What follows is a lightly edited transcript. LAPJ: What are your views on the current state of the emerging protests that have spread across most Latin American countries? The protests exhibit a combination of both shared and […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

Is Mexico’s new president a populist?


Mexico’s Andres Manuel López Obrador was a populist candidate. Will he become a populist president?

Lessons from the Mexican Election for Campaigns in the United States


BY BEN MCGUIRE Fresh on the heels of a disastrous G7 summit, Mexico is poised to elect a President whose aggressive approach may scorch as much earth as his northern counterparts. A victory for Andrés Manuel López Obrador (also known as AMLO) will immediately impact negotiations over NAFTA and immigration. Regardless of how the race […]

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